In 1996 International Hair Cosmetics Ltd. UK conceived, created and launched the premium hair care brand AFFINAGE. Originated as a line of permanent hair colour, the AFFINAGE brand grew rapidly to include tone on tone and fashion colours, permanent waves, specialist highlighting systems, bleaching powders, shampoos, conditioners and styling products that have been enthusiastically embraced by consumers and the hairdressing industry.

• Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

• Treatment  Shampoo & Conditioner

• Blonde Bombshell Shampoo & Conditioner

• Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

• Smoothing Treatment

• Blonde Bombshell Moisturising Spray

• Deep Cleasing Shampoo

• Thermal Shield

• Quick Dry Serum

• Surf Wax

• Styling Souffle

• Mpower

• Diamond Mist

• Dri Clean Dry Shampoo

• Clean Spritz Spray

• O'Behave

• Energising Citrus

• Nurturing Rose

• Colour Preserving Olive

• Indulgent Rosemary Treatment

•  Lavender Treatment

• Bliss Chamomile Treatment

• Elixir Blend

• Eternal Tonic




• Sky

• Mellow

• Smoke

• Breeze

•  Whisper

• Spirit

• Heaven

• Spring Violet

•  Spring Fuchsia


Blending Creme Deposite


• 10% Vol 3%

• 20% Vol 6% Plus+


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