At TIGI we champion the voice of the hairdresser, showcasing the craft - the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE behind hairdressing. Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team constantly update their work, redefining standards of excellence in hairdressing creativity and technical skill, driving hairdressing into an art form.

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Bed Head


WARNING: You Must Have A Sense Of Humor To Use Our Products. May cause the urge to laugh at the products labels, experiment with different looks and a repeated desire to check yourself out in the mirror. The only thing serious about Bed Head is how freakin' good our products work


The Bed Head Client

Who are they?.....Urban, Youthful, a 24-7 party person, lives or would like to live –in a loft in Shoreditch, holidays in places like Ibiza, eats pizza and fast food, (bars and clubs are more important.)


Hair: mutli-textured – separated – defined cut – androgynous – ultra-straight


“Fashion often takes its influence from the music scene and this year is no exception. From a small pocket of clubs, where ‘metal’ and ‘electronic’ sounds mix, a ‘Nu Rave’ scene seen a rebirth of acid colours and body-consciousness.” says, TIGI European Creative Director, Nick Irwin. “This trend has influenced our latest Bed Head Collection and is a feeling that has been translated on the High Street and by catwalk designers, translated into 80’s shapes in ‘magic marker’ bright colours and sexy, clingy clothes.”

Bed Head For Men


Barber shops have moved on from a dads only area into a trendy male hangout spot. This revival has been helped by the hipster trend with beards and moustaches. Forward thinking shops are also offering luxury facials, manicures, cut-throat shaves and shoeshining. Men’s manicures, shaves and spa treatments that for generations have been a part of traditional barber shop culture are attracting new youthful



The Bed Head Collection is inspired by a total image, and takes on a strong new-00’s vibe. Structured fringes and controlled shapes create strong looks that are totally new and functional, and very urban. Key to the finish of the cuts is a defined colour.

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Catwalk by TIGI is a professional hair care brand designed by hairdressers.

The brand takes its inspiration from the backstage world of fashion, celebrity and beauty. It brings specialist products and techniques to let you create the latest on-trend looks with speed and ease.


Your Highness Volume Collection

Curlesque Curl Collection

Sleek Mystique Straight Collection

Session Series High-Performance Styling Collection


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S Factor


S Factor exemplifies feminine beauty: think hair that is silky, soft, smooth, shiny, sexy, sealed and styled. From its alluring and exclusive wash and care range, extending to treatments and beautiful, styling and finishing products; S Factor is absolutely serious about creating the ultimate experience for glamorous hair.


S Factor is designed for a woman who wants seriously sensational hair; a woman who aspires to evoke serious glamour everyday of her life. With S Factor, she succeeds.


TIGI Copyright Colour


TIGI copyright©olour has been developed to allow total freedom to mix colours any and every way whilst having the confidence that results will be as expected. Comprised of a fully intermixable collection of individually crafted shades, TIGI copyright©olour eliminates the need for colour rules.*


Providing a colouring palette from which limitless colour creations can be crafted, the TIGI copyright©olour range allows each and every client to have unique colour personalised for their needs.


100% intermixable colour


* must follow the TIGI copyright©olour recommended mixing ratio between colour and activator.

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We care, we deliver


It's about the story behind things that makes give meaning to the important things in life and right choices



When a customer walks out of your salon satisfied of looking themselves in the mirror, you know you are doing great business.



It's about being confident that products will meet our expectations without having to worry when using salon products

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